MobilePay is safe and transparent for both the buyer and the seller.

To buy using MobilePay, all you need is your mobile phone number. There’s no need to share any other information and you will never be charged for any additional costs.

Furthermore, the current encryption algorithms used in SIM cards provide a level of security comparable to that of state-of-the-art bank payment methods (chip & PIN credit cards).

For the buyer
With MobilePay, you will have access to a self-care dashboard which allows you to monitor all your transactions and active subscriptions and find helpful information, such as the customer service reference for the various partners who adopt MobilePay as a payment method.
Your phone operator is always at hand – for example, if your mobile phone is stolen or lost, all the procedures for blocking/suspending the SIM card protect you from having to pay for unwanted purchases.
In full compliance with the legislation in force regarding privacy, your data will only be used for the purposes for which you gave your consent when agreeing to the terms and conditions of the service purchased.
For the seller
With MobilePay, the risk of non-payment is minimised compared with any other payment system, as the charge is immediately debited from the customer’s phone credit.
With MobilePay, the data of the customer making a purchase belong to the merchant.