How it Works

MobilePay is the new payment platform created by the six leading italian mobile operators - Fastweb, Poste Mobile, Telecom Italia Mobile, 3 Italia, Vodafone and Wind. MobilePay is designed to make it quicker and easier to make micropayments for digital services, using smartphones, PCs and Tablets.

MobilePay allows you to buy both individual content and subscription services with confidence.

With MobilePay, all you need is your mobile phone to buy a digital product – there’s no need for a credit card or bank current account. The cost of the content will be deducted directly from your phone credit if you use a top-up card, or charged to your phone account if you’re a subscription customer. It’s all done with maximum transparency and guarantees you complete control over what you spend.

Quick and simple

  • Confirm or enter your mobile phone number
  • Check the transaction summary on the display of your mobile phone, tablet or PC
  • Buy with one click