Are there any spending limits?

The limit is EUR 15 (incl. VAT) per individual purchase of digital content. Operators are allowed to introduce a monthly spending threshold (as a guideline, between EUR 150 and 200)

On which devices can the content purchased be used? Does the system incorporate DRM?

The content can be purchased in cross-platform mode, i.e. on different devices (PC, mobile phone, tablet). The MobilePay platform incorporates various Customer management/control functionalities, thus making it extremely easy not only to sell the digital product while always providing the customer with the same experience, but also to recognise customers using the Web, a mobile phone, tablet or TV, from their telephone number. The DRM part is included within the operating activities of the individual merchants.

What types of Purchase are involved?

Individual purchase and Subscriptions

Whom do I contact if I want to sell my services via MobilePay?

Contact our partners Engineering and Reply